The Tiny Marmalade Company

The Tiny Marmalade Co.

In Paloma’s own words ‘Everything is better in miniature format. This is how the tiny marmalades arrived in my life. I have more than 100 different tiny jars at home.’ The Tiny Marmalade Co. take pride in making their preserves with love. Based right here in Exeter, less than a mile from the store, Paloma makes her little jars of marmalades, jams and chutney using organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Each of Paloma’s jars of preserve are essentially a limited edition as every batch is made from a unique harvest that is dictated by the weather.

The flavours on offer are unusual, delicious and include Strawberry and Chilli marmalade, Cherries and Rioja marmalade, Plums and Chamomile jam and Apple and Courgette Chutney. The preserves are sold individually or in beautiful gift packs. The jars are also the perfect size for trying a multitude of flavours within a short period time. These tiny jars contain produce that is seriously addictive. Perfect with cheese, on toast, with ice cream or with meat and seafood. Eat more local preserves – sounds like a reasonable instruction.