Shillingford Organics

Shillingford Organics

We work very closely with Shillingford Organics, a family farm located at The Barton on the outskirts of Exeter, 3 miles to the West of the store. Shillingford Organics supply most of our freshly picked vegetables on a daily basis. They are a team of committed and passionate organic growers led by Martyn Bragg, growing over 120 different types of vegetables and herbs organically since 2000. Seasonality of produce is vitally important to both Shillingford Organics and The Real Food Store so you can look forward to a regular changing supply of fruit and veg in the store, from strawberries and broad beans in the summer, to apples and squash in the autumn. Their wonderful organic salad bag has recently been awarded “Best salad bag” in the 2016 Soil Association BOOM awards!

Shillingford help us to provide you with the freshest seasonal produce possible without leaving the city or growing it yourself.

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Natalie and Lois spend a sunny afternoon learning about seasonal vegetable growing.