Organic date and almond bites

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Ok, we’re not really sure if this qualifies as a recipe as so it’s so simple to make.

But it’s tastes great, is packed with energy and makes a perfect snack while out on a wintry walk.

What’s more, there are loads of things you can do to add pazazz:

  • Try coating the dates in melted dark chocolate before letting them cool.
  • Wrap each almond in a little marzipan before putting inside the dates.
  • Gently warm some local honey, add a pinch of black pepper and any other spices you fancy, and coat the dates with the warming, spicy mix.
  • Instead of almonds, try stuffing the dates with other types of nut, or even sliced apple!




  • Organic dates
  • Organic almonds
  • Organic dark chocolate (optional)


  • Use a sharp knife to slice each date
  • Remove the stones
  • Insert an almond into each date
  • Put them in a bag, stuff them in your pocket and take them with you as a nutritious, delicious walking snack.