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  • January 15, 2016

    Real Food Store voted 'Best Independent Retailer' in Food Reader Awards

    Real Food has been crowned 'Best Independent Retailer' in Food Magazine Reader Awards!
  • October 03, 2015

    Bronwen Tyrrell exhibition in the cafe

    Bronwen Tyrrell is an Exeter based artist, whose work draws from a diverse range of themes and inspirations, including the forces of nature, and an awareness of the issues and ethics of the food industry. Her paintings are currently on display in the cafe.

Real Food partner with City Runs

Fit and healthy: As a Community Benefit Society, obsessed with quality, fresh, local food, we thought it only fitting to team up with an organisation equally obsessed with keeping local people in peak condition. Find out more on our events page.


Bite-sized shares: How people power is revolutionising the way we buy our food. Local groups are investing in projects that will produce food and challenge the supermarkets in the process READ THE FULL ARTICLE 


Click here to see it on youtube! (4 mins)
A short documentary about Exeter's first community owned food store. We sell the finest local, sustainable produce from Devon at affordable prices. Supported by Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming & Food Co-ops programme this is all about finding alternatives to the mainstream food system.

We did it!! The Real Food Store named 'Best Independent Food Retailer in the South West'

Real Food has joined the likes of Michael Caines, Paul Ainsworth and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall as one of 13 winners in this year’s Food Reader Awards. 
Natalie Ohlson and Lois Gallimore (two of the store's managers) attended the ceremony at Yeo Valley HQ, where they were thrilled to pick up the accolade of best independent retailer, in what is one of the largest and most highly acclaimed food awards in the South West.

Photo: Food Reader Awards- Guy Harrop Photography 

The voters were readers of Food magazine and and this year saw the biggest response yet with more than 110,000 votes cast across the 13 categories.

Thank you to all our customers and friends of the store who took the time to vote for us in these awards- you're all a very big part of our continuing growth and success.

Superfoods to Beat the Winter Blues:

Beat the winter blues and give your health a boost this winter:

- Ward off colds with Sandford apple cider vinegar. Made from locally grown apples in Devon, cider vinegar has many uses including helping with stomach troubles, sore throats and cold symptoms. It contains potassium and acetic acid which prevents bactaria growth. Just mix one or two tablespoons with water or apple juice for a natural cold cure!

- Drinking beetroot juice has been associated with lowering blood pressure, it's great source of iron, potassium and magnesium, and has even been said to boost exercise performance! Try Little Bowhay's Beet Boost or Apple & Beetroot juice, or make your own juice using beetroot with apple or carrot to sweeten and add some fresh ginger for an extra zing and to help ward off any winter bugs.

- Sea weed is high in nutrients, including iodine, calcium, protein and B-12 and packs a variety of health benefits including cholesterol lowering effects and digestive health. Try our dried “sea salad” from Cornwall in miso soup, stir fries or salads.

Meet the producer: Teatonics

Teatonics was conceived on an inspirational trip across Latin America, then blended into being in Dorset. A desire for a more mindful way of life coincided with the serendipitous discovery of yerba mate, and the first teatonics blend was born. These are not just herbal teas: they’re a revolution, cup by cup.

Yerba mate has been enjoyed for thousands of years by the indigenous Guarani people of Paraguay and southern Brazil to help control appetite, maintain a healthy weigh, boost metabolism and mental alertness and soothe indigestion. Modern analysis and found the plant to contain a completely unique antioxidant profile as well as caffeine. Choose from a Mind awakening blend of citrus, mint and rosehips, a nourishing blend of ginger, cardamom, turmeric and chilli, or a restorative blend of hibiscus, cacao, vanilla and liquorice.

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    We are proud to let you know the electricity powering the Real Food Store, Cafe and Bakery is being supplied by Good Energy. Read more ...